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SBIG AllSky-340 Telescope or lens11
SBIG Aluma - CCD8300 Camera11
SBIG Aluma AC4040 Camera6134
SBIG Aluma CCD47-10 Camera11
SBIG Aluma-694 Camera329
SBIG Aluma-814 Camera219
SBIG AO-8 Accessory15154
SBIG AO-L Accessory11
SBIG AO-X Accessory8156
SBIG Blue + 4 variantsFilter18180
SBIG Capture Software128
SBIG CFW-10A Accessory11
SBIG CFW-8A Accessory15
SBIG CFW8 Accessory25
SBIG CFW9 Accessory327
SBIG e-Finder Guiding Scope Telescope or lens12
SBIG FW5-8300 Accessory48
SBIG FW7-STX 7-Position, 50mm square filter wheel Accessory466
SBIG FW8-8300 Accessory766
SBIG FW8-STL Accessory216
SBIG FW8G-STT Accessory411
SBIG Green + 4 variantsFilter17170
SBIG Hydrogen Alpha + 4 variantsFilter1038
SBIG Hydrogen Beta + 1 variantsFilter00
SBIG Luminance + 4 variantsFilter17175
SBIG OAG Accessory9176
SBIG Oxygen III + 3 variantsFilter642
SBIG Red + 4 variantsFilter18195
SBIG Remote Guide Head Camera21214
SBIG SG-4 Autoguider Accessory417
SBIG ST-10 Camera37
SBIG ST-10XE Camera430
SBIG ST-10XME Camera84844
SBIG ST-2000XCM Camera25172
SBIG ST-2000XM Camera35179
SBIG ST-4 Camera882
SBIG ST-4000XCM Camera23103
SBIG ST-402 Camera521
SBIG ST-402ME Camera18359
SBIG ST-402XME Camera11
SBIG ST-5C Camera11
SBIG ST-7E Camera658
SBIG ST-7XME Camera1038
SBIG ST-8 Camera610
SBIG ST-8300C Camera581062
SBIG ST-8300M Camera1171818
SBIG ST-8E Camera28
SBIG ST-8XE Camera4125
SBIG ST-8XME Camera43614
SBIG ST-9 Camera228
SBIG ST-9E Camera21
SBIG ST-I Camera49824
SBIG ST-i Guide Kit Telescope or lens667
SBIG ST-V Camera13283
SBIG Starchaser SC-2 Camera28
SBIG Starchaser SC-3 Camera1114
SBIG STC-7 Camera14
SBIG STF-8050C Camera11
SBIG STF-8050M Camera00
SBIG STF-8300C Camera50378
SBIG STF-8300M Camera1301757
SBIG STI-C Camera17269
SBIG STI-M Camera71857
SBIG STL-1001E Camera35
SBIG STL-11000CM Camera11
SBIG STL-11000M Camera2442244
SBIG STL-1301E Camera11
SBIG STL-4000 Camera11
SBIG STL-4020 Camera451
SBIG STL-6303 Camera411
SBIG STL-6303E Camera890
SBIG STT-1603ME Camera17
SBIG STT-3200ME Camera2190
SBIG STT-8300 Camera981
SBIG STT-8300M Camera821631
SBIG STX-16803 Camera1071427
SBIG STXL-11002 Camera39780
SBIG STXL-11002M Camera15136
SBIG STXL-16200 Camera29624
SBIG STXL-16803 Camera613
SBIG STXL-6303 Camera58
SBIG STXL-6303E Camera1050
SBIG STXL-FW8G Accessory213
SBIG Sulfur II + 3 variantsFilter524
Acquired with this brand
Crab Nebula (one decade time-lapse movie)Crab Nebula (time-lapse movie 2008-2022)NGC 1055NGC 2392The Toby  Jug Nebula ( IC-2220): a bipolar and biconical nebulaTeam Omicron + G.Gruntz - High resolution and deep field on M51 GalaxyNGC 488M 51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy with C2PU T 1000NGC 1097 - a wonderful barred spiral in Fornax exhibiting multiple linear star streamsM 81 and IFNNGC 3486Abell 39NGC 2903 - High resolution and deep field with the C2PU observatory 1m DeltagraphVela Supernova RemnantM78 and FriendsGalaxies interacting in Abell 1185 - Deep field.A dolphin enter the water(SH2-308)The Trifid Nebula - an LRGB imageLBN 438NGC 3310: Glittering GalaxyvdB 4 (and NGC 225)NGC 4565 - The spindle Galaxy with C2PU T1000Interacting Galaxies in EridanusM82M77IC 2118NGC 206 in Andromeda Galaxy embeded in an ocean of stars- HaLRVBM51: The Whirlpool GalaxyThe Great Barred Spiral Galaxy, NGC 1365 and part of the Fornax Galaxy clusterNGC 7331Orion wide field Panorama from Rosette to Witch HeadHelix nebula_HaNeedle Galaxy - NGC 4565Leo TripletStarburst galaxy M 82 (The Cigar Galaxy)NGC 772Jones-Emberson 1M16 the EAGLE NEBULANASA APOD -> NGC 2170NGC 1269 in EridanusThe Flaming Star Nebula - IC 405Thors Helmet  - NGC 2359Messier 104 – The Sombrero GalaxyM33 H-apha EnhancedThe Trifid Nebula (SIIRGB)M8 e m20  (Data processing Jim Misti)NGC 2170 Angel NebulaM95 in LeoSculptor GalaxyM101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy