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Baader 13mm Hyperion 68° Modular Eyepiece Accessory11
Baader 2" ClickLock eyepiece clamps Accessory537
Baader 2" Glasspathcorrector (2456300) Accessory00
Baader 2" MPCC Mark II Flattener Accessory21197
Baader 2" MPCC Mark III Newton Coma Corrector (2458400A) Accessory2682632
Baader 21mm Hyperion 68° Modular Eyepiece Accessory12
Baader 2x VIP Modular Barlow (2406101) Accessory1476
Baader 5mm Hyperion 68° Modular Eyepiece Accessory24
Baader 8-24 mm zoom eyepiece Accessory13
Baader APO 95/580 CaF2 Travel Companion Telescope or lens211
Baader ASSF 130 filter holder Accessory15
Baader AstroSolar + 6 variantsFilter137936
Baader AstroSolar ASTF-160 Filter1032
Baader BCF-1 Filter587
Baader Bessel-B + 8 variantsFilter998
Baader Bessel-I + 8 variantsFilter32
Baader Bessel-R + 8 variantsFilter6127
Baader Bessel-U + 8 variantsFilter58
Baader Bessel-V + 8 variantsFilter995
Baader BFM-OAG for BFM-II Accessory37
Baader Blue (B-CCD) + 8 variantsFilter4353803
Baader Blue (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter1981223
Baader C-ERF 130mm Filter12
Baader C2 Swan-Band (OIII parallel) 15nm 2" Filter322
Baader Carl Zeiss 1.25" Abbe Barlow 2x Accessory9348
Baader Clearglass Filter + 7 variantsFilter53175
Baader Contrast Booster + 2 variantsFilter1037
Baader D-ERF Energy Rejection Filter Filter261644
Baader D-ERF Energy Rejection Filter Accessory927
Baader Diamond Steeltrack Focuser Accessory29474
Baader FCCT II Filter Changer Camera Tilter for RASA 8 Accessory110
Baader FlipMirror II Star Diagonal (BFM-II) Accessory523
Baader Fluorite Flatfield Converter (FFC) 3x-8x Accessory21161
Baader Fringe Killer + 2 variantsFilter1239
Baader Glasspathcorrector 1:1.70 for Binoviewer with T-2 thread Accessory212
Baader Green (CMOS-Optimized) + 8 variantsFilter2041250
Baader Green (G-CCD) + 8 variantsFilter4383947
Baader H-alpha 20nm Bandpass 2" Filter419
Baader H-alpha 35nm + 4 variantsFilter32205
Baader H-alpha 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter150859
Baader H-alpha 7nm + 7 variantsFilter5335349
Baader H-alpha Highspeed(f/2) + 4 variantsFilter96615
Baader H-alpha Highspeed(f/2) 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter34150
Baader H-alpha Highspeed(f/2) Ultra-Narrowband 3.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter53246
Baader H-alpha Highspeed(f/3) 3.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm Filter730
Baader H-alpha Ultra-Narrowband 3.5nm + 7 variantsFilter61314
Baader H-alpha Ultra-Narrowband 3.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 8 variantsFilter106802
Baader H-beta (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter928
Baader H-beta 8.5nm + 4 variantsFilter737
Baader Herschel Wedge (ceramic light trap) Accessory24830
Baader Herschel Wedge (metal light trap) Accessory537
Baader Hyperion Zoom 2.25x Barlow (2956180) Accessory26218
Baader IR Pass 850 1.25" Filter32
Baader IR-Pass 685nm + 2 variantsFilter66758
Baader IR-Pass 742nm 1.25" Filter25
Baader IR-Pass 807nm 1.25" Filter216
Baader IR-Passfilter 2" (685nm) Filter823
Baader K-Line Ca-K II 394nm + 1 variantsFilter13163
Baader M68 Field Flattener Accessory14
Baader M68-Tilter Accessory11
Baader Mark IV Binoviewer Accessory25
Baader Methane 889nm + 1 variantsFilter223
Baader Neodymium Moon & Skyglow + 2 variantsFilter1731244
Baader Neutral Density Filter ND 0.6 2" Filter111
Baader Neutral Density Filter ND 0.9 1.25" Filter37
Baader Neutral Density Filter ND 0.9 2" Filter758
Baader Neutral Density Filter ND 1.8 2" Filter6170
Baader Neutral Density Filter ND 3.0 2" Filter617
Baader O-III 10nm Visual + 2 variantsFilter1045
Baader O-III 4.5nm Filter46231
Baader O-III 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter156692
Baader O-III 8.5nm + 7 variantsFilter3092006
Baader O-III Highspeed(f/2) + 4 variantsFilter80433
Baader O-III Highspeed(f/2) 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter2899
Baader O-III Highspeed(f/2) Ultra-Narrowband 4nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter46189
Baader O-III Super-G 9nm (CMOS-Optimized) Filter13
Baader O-III Ultra-Narrowband 4nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 8 variantsFilter106641
Baader OD 3.8 Digital Solar Filter Accessory8286
Baader OIII Highspeed(f/3) 4nm (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm Filter829
Baader Orange Wratten #21 1.25" Filter11
Baader Planetary Green 1.25" Filter17
Baader Planetary Red Longpass 1.25" Filter13147
Baader Q-Barlow 2.25x / 1.3x (2956185) Accessory33339
Baader RCC I, Rowe Coma Corrector (2956800) Accessory16267
Baader Red (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter1971274
Baader Red (R-CCD) + 8 variantsFilter4353950
Baader S-II 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter146523
Baader S-II 8nm + 7 variantsFilter2451325
Baader S-II Highspeed(f/2) + 4 variantsFilter71377
Baader S-II Highspeed(f/2) 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter2692
Baader S-II Highspeed(f/2) Ultra-Narrowband 4nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 7 variantsFilter34121
Baader S-II Ultra-Narrowband 4nm (CMOS-Optimized) + 8 variantsFilter77385
Baader Scopos 66ED Telescope or lens19164
Baader Scopos TL805 Triplet Apo 80/560 Telescope or lens12
Baader Semi APO + 2 variantsFilter1538
Baader SII Highspeed(f/3) 4nm (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm Filter725
Baader Single Polarizing Filter 2" Filter27
Baader SLOAN/SDSS-g' + 8 variantsFilter47
Baader SLOAN/SDSS-i' + 8 variantsFilter35
Baader SLOAN/SDSS-r' + 8 variantsFilter415
Baader SLOAN/SDSS-u' + 8 variantsFilter00
Baader SLOAN/SDSS-y' + 8 variantsFilter00
Baader SLOAN/SDSS-z_s' + 8 variantsFilter121
Baader Solar Continuum (540nm) 10nm + 2 variantsFilter62558
Baader Solar Continuum (540nm) Double Stacked 8nm + 1 variantsFilter636
Baader Solar Continuum 7.5nm + 2 variantsFilter30223
Baader SolarSpectrum Research Grade 0.4x Telecompressor 2" Accessory15
Baader SolarSpectrum Telecompressor 0.7x Accessory00
Baader Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller Accessory481
Baader SteelGo II Software176
Baader SunDancer II Filter622
Baader SunDancer II 3x Telecentric System TZ-3S Accessory124
Baader SunDancer II Telecentric System TZ-4S Accessory213
Baader TZ-2 Telecentric System Accessory229
Baader TZ-3 Telecentric System Accessory6474
Baader TZ-4 Telecentric System Accessory4474
Baader U-Venus + 2 variantsFilter2071
Baader UFC-Tilter Accessory420
Baader UHC-L 50x50 mm Filter11
Baader UHC-L Booster (CMOS-Optimized) 1.25" Filter34
Baader UHC-L Booster (CMOS-Optimized) 2'' Filter1860
Baader UHC-S + 5 variantsFilter84432
Baader Universal Alan Gee II Telecompressor Accessory426
Baader Universal filter changer (UFC) Accessory21302
Baader UV/IR Cut / Luminance + 8 variantsFilter6676116
Baader UV/IR CUT Luminance (CMOS-Optimized) + 5 variantsFilter159895
Baader Vario finder Telescope or lens34514
Baader Yellow 1.25" Filter23
Baader Yellow Longpass 2" Filter26
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