Ivan Ionov FITStacker

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=MsoNormalFITStacker is a program for advanced integrating multiple frames with some additional features. FITStacker implements frames integration based on their SNR weight*. Thus when you integrate bad frame with good frame you wouldn't get medium quality integration as with conventional integration tools, but a bit better than good frame! * [b]- ImageInegration [/b]process in PixInsight can also do this, but a far more complicated way (without mentioning that you should pay for it). How to use it: 1) Add a bunch of registered frames into FITStaker 2) With the help of left mouse button select background zones - program will treat them as background level and calculates Noise level 3) With the help of right mouse button select "useful signal" areas (galaxy/nebulosity or non-saturated stars) - program will treat this as a Signal 4) Press "Create" button - integration will start! That’s it.
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